2014… An Update!

We expect to have 2 or 3 litters during 2014, estimating the first litter to arrive sometime in Spring.

You can find us on Facebook.  We are ‘Metz Family Sheepadoodles”

Our most current information is going to be on our Facebook page, but I’ll try to be more diligent this year and keep our website updated.

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Puppies have arrived……..

Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 136

On March 19, Cordelia had her puppies.  2 were born naturally, and 6 were born via C-Section.  It has been a long 11 days, but now all puppies, and Cordelia, appear to be healthy and thriving.  It has been a loonnngggg  11 days!!!

Here are the pictures of the 8 puppies.  Most are spoken for, but you are welcome to send me an e-mail and discuss if any are available.


We also have 1 family that is interested in putting a deposit down on the litter of puppies we will most likely have in the fall sometime.  You can also e-mail me to discuss getting on this list.

Easter Blessings to you all!!!


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 118


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 014


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 098


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 082


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 073


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 043


Cordelia's 1st Puppy Pictures 066

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Cordelia’s Puppies Due Next Week!!!


This is Cordelia, our Old English Sheepdog.  She is going to deliver her first litter of Sheepadoodle Puppies next week, somewhere around March 20.  I cannot express how Very Excited our family is!!!

Cordelia after Grooming 001


Cordelia went to be groomed today, so she’s all set to deliver her pups next week.  We have 6 people on our waiting list currently.  We won’t know until next week how many puppies she has for sure.

We’ll keep you updated for the Puppies Arrival!!!!!


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Not much has been going on since our last puppies went to their new homes.  They now live in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois.  It is so rewarding to us when our puppies meet their new owners and they all fit one another so well!!!!!

We are waiting on Cordelia to come into her heat cycle.  We anticipate she’ll have a litter of puppies available in Spring/Summer of 2013.  It will be an exciting time for us all!!!

Hazel is retired now.  She is an amazing Sheepdog and is the best dog ever!!

Baxter continues to be a super addition to our family.  He is very loyal and the best behaved dog ever!

What’s new with our family is that we are now Grandparents.  Nope, no puppies involved.  Our oldest son, Charlie and his lovely wife Kristen Blessed us with a Granddaughter on September 25.  Alice is a beautiful baby and a wonderful addition to our family!!!


Thanks so much for checking out our website!!

We can also be found on Facebook, at “Metz Family Sheepadoodles”


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Our one & only female Sheepadoodle Puppy is still available.

We call her Violet, and she is a very sweet girl!!!

If you are interested, please e-mail me at cjmetz5@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!!!


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We have 4 beautiful Sheepadoodle puppies!!!

I will post pictures on Tuesday.

2 of them are spoken for, but I still have a male & a female available to go to a good family!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information!!!

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Update – feels like I haven’t updated this in forever – and I’m Sorry!!!

Sometimes, life gets so busy.  I was getting on our webpage everyday and managing the comments and keeping you up-to-date about what all is going on in the Metz household…  and then one day I skipped, and the rest is history!!!

Cordelia will have her first litter of puppies sometime in the Spring of 2013.  That seems like a long time from now, but time will go quite fast, I am sure!

I will update our waiting list – the soonest we would have puppies is at the end of July, and they would be  ready to go to new homes around the end of September.  I will keep our website updated now, to let you know what all we’re up to this year!

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Cordelia – Our new Old English Sheepdog Puppy

This is Cordelia.  She was born on December 5, 2011.  She is such a cute puppy!!!

We are so excited to have Cordelia as a Member of our Family!!!  Her parents were only 65 lbs, so she should be a smaller Sheepdog when she is grown.

We look forward to having Sheepadoodle Puppies with Cordelia & Baxter in the Summer of 2013!!!

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Puppy Update

We found out yesterday that Hazel had a False Pregnancy.

There is no explanation about why she had a false pregnancy – the vet said that not every breeding ‘takes’ with every dog.

Our family is still reeling from this news – we are so very sad!!!

We are searching for another Old English Sheepdog (female) and will update our website as soon as we have found one!

We love our Old English Sheepdog Puppies, and look forward to the next litter we are able to have!!

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My Family

This is a picture of our Children.  Charlie is married to Kristen.  Caleb is serving in the U.S. Navy, current stationed in Virginia.  Noah will graduate in May.  Christianna is a Freshman in High School & Abigail is in the 6th Grade.  They have been a tremendous help to us when it comes raising puppies.

They are truly a Blessing!!!!!

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