Not much has been going on since our last puppies went to their new homes.  They now live in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois.  It is so rewarding to us when our puppies meet their new owners and they all fit one another so well!!!!!

We are waiting on Cordelia to come into her heat cycle.  We anticipate she’ll have a litter of puppies available in Spring/Summer of 2013.  It will be an exciting time for us all!!!

Hazel is retired now.  She is an amazing Sheepdog and is the best dog ever!!

Baxter continues to be a super addition to our family.  He is very loyal and the best behaved dog ever!

What’s new with our family is that we are now Grandparents.  Nope, no puppies involved.  Our oldest son, Charlie and his lovely wife Kristen Blessed us with a Granddaughter on September 25.  Alice is a beautiful baby and a wonderful addition to our family!!!


Thanks so much for checking out our website!!

We can also be found on Facebook, at “Metz Family Sheepadoodles”


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